Learn about Baalbek Cellars



Cabinet Specifications

Each fine hand-crafted Baalbek Wine Cellar is constructed from the finest mahogany, heavy beveled glass and premium insulation with a state-of-the-art cooling system.

-  Dimensions:  86x43x26
-  Up to 117 bottle capacity
-  3 Premium finishes: Pecan, Carmel or Walnut
-  Solid hand craved mahogany door
-  Heavy beveled glass
-  Antique brass lock with key
-  Interior lighting for viewing your collection
-  Functional decorative bottom drawer for extra storage of wine related items


Solid mahogany racks are constructed with rounded corners and tapered ends to preserve wine labels and are designed to hold various bottle sizes including champagne.  Each cellar holds up to 117 bottles.

Cooling System

Each Baalbek Cellar features the industry standard  Koolspace chilling unit - back vented and featuring digital temperature control/auto humidity control. Simply plug it in and it starts to protect your precious collection.

  • Chilling unit hidden from view - you only see your wine collection
  • All digital sensing
  • Super bright tempurature display
  • Computerized airflow
  • Humidity control - no matter where you live your collection is protected
  • Built in acoustic insulation
  • Plastic coated coil for corrosion protection
  • Manufactures warranty applies

For more details about our cellars, feel free to call us at 1-888-392-0295