Baalbek cellars started as an idea inspired by a passion for wine and a simple need. In 1994, Brad and Michelle Potts were researching storage solutions for their growing wine collection when they found a beautiful antique armoire at a northern California antique shop. Brad, who dabbled in woodworking in his spare time, decided to create a wine cabinet out of the armoire.

After engineering the racking, installing insulation and placing a cooling unit in the armoire, the Potts had a beautiful piece of furniture, which became a focal point in their home. Their new cellar proved to be a perfect storage solution, keeping their wine at the ideal temperature and humidity. Brad also discovered that the cabinet made an outstanding humidor for his cigars.

Whenever Brad and Michelle had guests in their house, people raved about the cellar and many offered to buy it. After a few years and a couple dozen offers to purchase the cellar, they decided to take their passion for wine and create a business around offering fine wine storage solutions.

If you have a passion for wine, you know that there are many options out there for storing your collection, but unfortunately, most sacrifice aesthetic value for function. Baalbek cellars offer functional storage in the form of beautiful furnishings, which will truly enhance your home. Where else could you find such an intricate, hand-carved mahogany armoire that will store and display your wine collection at the optimal tempurature and humidity?

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