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The home wine storage cabinet dilemma

Wine Storage Cabinet The problem with most modern wine storage cabinet models available is that they are designed for a modern kitchen. Wine drinkers searching for an attractive way to store their bottles are presented with dozens of industrial style or under counter models, but the majority of these wine storage cabinets are not suitable for more traditional decorating styles. One solution attempted by many is using an antique wine cabinet.

Antique wine cabinet problems

Antique Wine CabinetThe main problem with using an antique wine cabinet is that, at best, it is essentially a giant humidor. There is no temperature or humidity control at all. They are essentially armoires with special shelves to facilitate bottles. Many people attempt to create a hybrid antique wine cabinet by adapting a piece of antique furniture to act as a modern wine cabinet. Of course, these pieces were not originally built for this purpose so they do not easily accommodate the necessary equipment nor are they air tight. The conversion process is usually a costly gamble.

Modern wooden wine cabinet solution

The owners of found themselves faced with this very problem a few years ago. Their solution was to adapt an existing piece of furniture to serve as a beautiful place to store their wine collection. After seeing the interest it generated among friends, they decided to create handcrafted wooden wine cabinet units built to not only be as beautiful as antique pieces but also designed to house state of the art temperature and humidification control systems. The cabinets are beautifully made mahogany heirloom quality furniture pieces that will safely store over one hundred bottles of wine. These gorgeous offerings even feature hand carved doors and a choice of finishes. This wooden wine cabinet is the perfect combination of function and style and only available from