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The best wine refrigerator today

Best Wine RefrigeratorA combination of beautiful furniture styling and state of the art wine storage technology, the best wine refrigerator available today is form No longer the enthusiasts have to compromise and settle for a great storage system in an ugly shell or use attractive antique furniture with inadequate storage conditions. This incredible unit was created after the owners of went through the time and expense of converting an antique piece into a modern wine cellar cooler. Buy a custom wine cellar that is designed to be both functional and beautiful and enjoy the best of both worlds without the added expense of a conversion that may not ever work as desired.

A modern wine storage refrigerator

Wine Storage RefrigeratorFrom a technical point of view, has created a first class wine storage refrigerator. The humidification and temperature control systems ensure the perfect environment for the bottles, while an easy to read display allows the owner to monitor conditions. Acoustic insulation allows the unit to run quietly enough for use in any room. The mahogany racks accommodate up to one hundred and seventeen bottles of various sizes, including champagne bottles, without damaging the labels. On the inside, this is a wine storage refrigerator any collector would want. The exterior elevates it to the next level, however. The hand carved mahogany door and beautiful styling make it the best wine refrigerator on the market today.

The smartest wine refrigerator buy's combination of modern technology and Old World craftsmanship has resulted in the best wine refrigerator available. Not only will it allow you to safely and securely store your precious wine collection it will also be a beautiful addition to your home. When your wine collection is large enough to warrant a wine refrigerator, buy the best from