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Handcrafted wood wine cabinets

Wood Wine Cabinets is proud to offer beautifully handcrafted wood wine cabinets made of fine materials such as mahogany and heavy beveled glass. These gorgeous antique wine cabinets will be the focal point of any room. The hand carved solid mahogany doors are accented by antique style brass locks and the beveled glass window allows everyone to admire the fine collection, up to one hundred and seventeen bottles, stored within. The racks are designed to protect labels and accept a range of bottle sizes. These incredible carved wood wine cabinets are currently available in Pecan, Carmel or Walnut finishes so they will fit perfectly in almost any room. With the cabinets, your wine collection can finally move out of the kitchen into a more convenient room, such as the dining room, a game room or even the office.

Modern wine storage cabinets

Wine Storage CabinetsObviously, the are some of the most beautifully made wine storage cabinets available today. In addition to their incredibly attractive appearance, they are state of the art wine cellar refrigerators. Although hidden from view, a precision cooling system and humidification control equipment maintains the optimum conditions for protecting your valuable wine collection. Acoustic insulation allows the equipment to operate without distracting anyone in the room. Each unit also contains an internal light to allow easy viewing the wine bottles within. These quality units offer the full benefits of modern wine storage technology while incorporating all the charms of heirloom quality furniture. wine storage cabinets are a welcome addition to the home of even the most discriminating collector.