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The wine bottle refrigerator

Wine Bottle is proud to offer a wine bottle refrigerator unlike any other on the market. Combining the functionality of a modern refrigeration system with the charm of hand carved woodwork, they have created the best wine refrigerator that will store your wine collection under the optimum conditions. Besides benefiting from humidity controlled refrigerator storage, wine is also attractively displayed through the heavy beveled glass window in the carved mahogany door.

A beautiful wine cellar refrigerator

Ceramic PotteryThis remarkable piece is beautiful enough to be proudly displayed in the home as fine furniture. Available in your choice of three finishes (Carmel, Pecan and Walnut), it features a hand carved mahogany door and classic accents such as an antique style brass lock. Do not confuse this with other wine cellar refrigerator offerings that look like industrial freezers or under counter models that claim to customize because their door can be fitted with a wooden panel. has successfully created a piece that stores your valuable wine collection without sacrificing a room's decor. This truly is a wine cellar refrigerator like no other.

With refrigerator storage wine is secure

Even though this cabinet is beautiful, it is a serious piece of equipment designed to store wine. With this type of state of the art humidification controlled refrigerator storage, wine is safely stored until you are ready to open the bottle. In addition to the technology included in these cabinets, has added the little touches such as an interior light for easy viewing of bottles without removing them from their protective environment and mahogany racks designed to store over one hundred bottles while safeguarding their labels. This is the perfect wine bottle refrigerator for the quality minded consumer.