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Fine home wine cellar equipment

Wine Cellar Equipment

Anyone who starts to collect wine is soon faced with the problem of storing it. This is not just a problem for people investing in a large amount of bottles; even those with small collections for their own enjoyment need to safely store their wine. Unfortunately, while it may function very well, most home wine cellar equipment is ugly. Most wine storage cellars look basically like industrial freezers or convenience store soda coolers and not something you want to bring into your home. The standard solution is wine cellar equipment that can be hidden under kitchen counters, but this means that you have a severely limited amount of storage space. The owners of once found themselves faced with a similar dilemma when they first looked for equipment. Their solution was a handcrafted custom wine cellar suitable for almost any room of the house.

Your own custom wine cellar offers a fine handcrafted cabinet that will allow you to have your own beautiful custom wine cellar. A state of the art humidification and refrigeration system allows you to store over one hundred bottles wherever you choose. After all, the days of keeping bottles in a damp underground cellar are long gone. The real benefit of pieces is their beautiful appearance. Hand carved doors are one of the highlights of these solid mahogany cabinets. The incredible craftsmanship guarantees that not only will you have a wine cellar you can put anywhere but also have a cabinet that will look great no matter where you put it.