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Unique wine cellar coolers

Wine Cellar was founded to bring unique wine cellar coolers to the discriminating wine consumer. These great pieces combine Old World style craftsmanship and detail with the finest in modern wine storage equipment. Key features of the's stylish wine cellar coolers include:

  • Three beautiful finishes: Walnut, Carmel and Pecan
  • Hand carved mahogany doors
  • Solid mahogany racks for up to 117 bottles
  • Heavy beveled glass window in door
  • Antique style brass lock and key
  • Interior light
  • Internal insulation for quiet operation

Few wine cellar refrigerators offered today can compare the beautifully carved cabinets from but they are much more than merely splendid pieces of fine furniture. They are also state of the art modern wine storage refrigerators. These stylish custom wine cellars are a welcome addition to any home.

Modern wine storage refrigerators

Wine Storage was not content with creating one of the most beautiful pieces of wine storage furniture ever offered. It was important that their offering also be one of the finest pieces of wine storage equipment available today. Beneath its carved mahogany exterior, each unit houses a precision humidification and cooling system that guarantees your wine will be housed in perfect conditions. A bright, easily read display allows you to monitor the temperature at all times. Although attractive enough to be placed in any room, this wine storage refrigerator is a technological marvel on the inside. firmly believes that there is simply no better way to store your collection than with one of these magnificent pieces. Contact today with any questions regarding this functional and attractive piece of furniture.