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The drawbacks of residential wine cellars

Residential Wine  cellarMore people are learning the pleasures of fine wines every year. A major problem facing many new wine enthusiasts is how to store their growing collections. Very few American residences are built with proper residential wine cellars so wine lovers must look to modern storage options. There are many companies manufacturing refrigerated and humidity controlled cabinets for home installation. Although this seems as though it is the perfect solution, most of these home wine cellars do not look like custom wine cellars, even if they function well. These wine cellar refrigerators are not a good fit for many decors.

Vintage wine cellars and custom made units

Vintage Wine Cellars For many, the solution is turning to vintage wine cellars and custom made units. Unfortunately, these frequently are not the perfect answers either. Although they are markedly more attractive than modern units, vintage pieces are typically not very efficient. Custom made units are frequently only available as installations, eliminating many rooms from adding a cellar and, of course, keeping the owner from being able to take their cellar with them if they move. Both vintage wine cellars and custom made models are also often incredibly expensive.

Beautiful home wine cellars from is revolutionizing the field of home wine cellars. Although each unit boasts state of the art refrigeration and humidification systems, they are also handcrafted mahogany pieces of heirloom quality furniture capable of storing over one hundred bottles. The doors, for example, are hand carved. These lovely pieces of furniture are a perfect fit to dining rooms, dens and even offices. They are the perfect compromise between old world craftsmanship and modern engineering. residential wine cellars are exactly what the wine aficionado has needed and wanted.