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 wooden wine cabinet

Wooden Wine CabinetResidential wine cellars are a great way for enthusiasts to store their growing collections. Unfortunately most of these units are highly functional but not very attractive. is proud to offer a wooden wine cabinet with incredible Old World styling and state of the art technology to preserve the wines within. No longer will consumers have to compromise and use ugly industrial wine storage cabinets or antique cabinets without modern preservation technology. The wine cellar refrigerator incorporates an elegant cabinet featuring a hand carved mahogany door.

A modern wine cellar refrigerator

Wine Cellar Refrigerator The pieces from use the high tech equipment you find in the best wine storage refrigerators. Refrigeration and humidification units ensure that your wine is stored in a perfect environment while acoustic insulation guarantees that noise from the cabinet will not disturb your environment. Extra features, such as corrosion resistant plastic coated coiling coils and an easy to read temperature display, make this a fine and functional wine storage refrigerator. Up to one hundred and seventeen bottles can be protected in this masterpiece of technology but the truly amazing aspect of this wine storage cellar is that it combines these features with an incredibly attractive cabinet.

A stylish custom wine cellar

Until now, an antique wine cabinet was the only option for wine collectors desiring an attractive place to store their collections. Unfortunately, this meant either foregoing modern features or attempting an expensive and time consuming conversion process. The owners of were faced with this dilemma years ago. After converting an antique piece, they realized that there was a market for a custom wine cellar that had classic styling that was designed specifically to incorporate modern technology. The state of the art preservation system in these cabinets is housed in a gorgeous wooden housing with hand carved mahogany doors featuring beveled glass and brass locks. This elegant wooden wine cabinet is the finest piece of residential wine cellar for fine wines on the market today.